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How to Read Badger's Recordall Water Meter Registers

The standard local or encoder (RTR®) register consists of a straight-reading Odometer-type totalization display, 360° test circle with center sweep hand and flow finder to detect leaks. Flow finders are color coded to define the unit of measure.

Red = Gallons, Blue = Cubic Feet, & Black = Cubic Meters.

The test circle is divided into tenths and hundredths, and it takes a complete revolution of the sweep hand or pointer to indicate the first rolling digit at the right-of the number wheel stack. The test circle is only used for testing purposes. The test circle will vary depending on meter size.

On all registers there only six live number wheels; the rest of the numbers are painted on the dial. Number wheel colors will be determined by the units of measure (i.e. gallons, cubic feet, and cubic meters) and by test circle size.

The following will display the various test circles, meter sizes, units of measure and the standard utility meter reading.

Utility & Billing Standards for Meter Reading

Unit of Measure                 Reading to the Nearest

Gallons                                                   1,000
Cubic Feet                                              100
Cubic Meters                                          10
All registers are designed with white and black
number wheels for readability. The white number
wheels correspond to the "typical" utility standard
meter reading.

                          10 Gallon Test Circle

Recordall Disc M25, M35, M40 & M70
                 Live Number Wheels   
Maximum Meter Reading = 10 Million Gallons
Meter reading             1 Gallon = 2832600
to the nearest?       10 Gallons = 283260
100 Gallons = 28326              Utility
1,000 Gallons = 2832 Standard
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